Love Your Book Proposal & Let It Love You Back


2 Mondays:
November 6 & 13
2-hour classes (4-6pm PT | 7-9pm ET)

Two 2-hour classes
Includes sample proposals &
insights from guest agents in each class.



2 Mondays: November 6 & 13
4-6 pm PT | 7-9pm ET

This two week course splits the book proposal into two halves—editorial and marketing, and walks memoirists through each element, why it’s important, and how to approach the darn thing with a bit of loving kindness.

Even if you don’t intend to traditionally publish, a book proposal should be an essential item on your to-do list as an aspiring author. Its gifts are many! It provides clarity and purpose; it supports you to think about who your audience and competition are; and it gives you a cheat sheet to your narrative arc—something you’re going to turn back to for years to come and thank yourself for having completed.

This class is about giving the book proposal some love so that it can love you back—and you may be surprised by how rewarding the exercise actually is. Doing a book proposal is a bit like getting your house in order in that it’s a lot of work but so worth the payoff. And Brooke and Linda Joy will be there to guide you each step of the way, showing that it’s actually easy—and fun—to pull off this feat of creating a robust and impressive showcasing of your book project.

Each class we’ll be joined by an agent who will offer her favorite tips, best practices, and a few ideas about things not to do too.

This session comes with samples proposals to use as templates or inspiration, as well as a downloadable copy of Brooke’s HOW TO SELL YOUR MEMOIR.

• Sessions are on Zoom.
• Each session is 2 hours.
• All sessions are recorded.